Gray Day Sunshine

Alison Sherrow

Colorado is known for it's bright, sunny days.  This day however, was gray and misty.  Chilly too, despite being in the beginning of August. 

The perfect light for shooting sunflowers!

colorado sunflower fields

This field is located east of Denver, and as you can see, it's a big crop!

sunflower field in colorado

A field of sunshine on a gray day.

yellow sunflowers on a gray day

the face of a large sunflower

Sunflowers remind me of faces.

I felt as though I was addressing a crowd!

Sunflower field photo shoot

That's me, capturing different vantage points, and Emma observing.  At one year old, this was her first trip to a sunflower field.  

    a field of colorado sunflowers

I began to look at the flowers more closely, noticing their subtle differences.  Some were a little taller than the rest, some had longer petals, some seemed as if they were looking down and others, up.

Then, I noticed one lone sunflower apart from the others near the back of the field.  Right away, I knew I had my key subject.  There was something special about this sunflower, all alone on the outskirts of the crop.  

yellow sunflower in colorado

I took a few photographs of this single flower, which were first in line for processing when I returned to the studio later in the day.  This crop will be harvested for sunflower seeds at the end of the season, but my guess is that this beauty will remain untouched.  The seeds that it leaves behind in the soil may become part of next year's field of sunflowers.

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'One Sunflower' & 'Gray Day Sunshine'

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