How I Create Titles For My Art

Alison Sherrow

How to create art titles blog by AgedPage Photography

"Do what you love.  Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still."  ~ Henry David Thoreau 

Titles are an important element in my work.  Sometimes, they come easily while other times they require pencil chewing and a little head scratching.  

Most of the time a title will pop into my head when my mind is still; while sitting in quiet reflection or while walking in nature. If not, I refer to my collection of words and phrases.  I save ideas and find inspiration for my titles from creative Instagram & blog posts, song lyrics and books as well as titles used by other artists.  I jot down the words that I may want to use on a blank sheet of paper using a favorite pen or pencil.  I enjoy this organic method of recording my ideas by hand rather than by typing them into a word program on my computer screen; it somehow feels more personal to me and this plays an important role in conceiving a title that I am happy with.  I play with the words on the page, sometimes referring to a thesaurus for insight.

When I am on location shooting a landscape or a rustic old barn in the countryside, I note the names of the road I traveled to the site on, and near by towns  and county names to help with the title ideas.

Often, like magic, a title will form without any intentional effort on my part while I am pressing the shutter button on the camera, capturing the intended image. 

When this happens, an added layer of excitement becomes part of my process in creating art, leading me to the completion of the piece.  These are always my strongest titles.  They come from a place outside of me and occur when I have surrendered completely to the creative flow of my work.

'D'Anjou Blue'

Pear still life art print by AgedPage Photography

D'Anjou Blue is a title that came effortlessly to me while looking through the lens of the camera.

Once I have a short string of words that seem fitting, I make certain that a similar title hasn't already been used in my photography portfolio.

Overall, my artwork titles are simple and not overly suggestive, allowing the viewer to interpret and absorb the piece without any guided influence.

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