About Alison


"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."

-Henry Ward Beecher

From Fine Art Photography To Encaustic Painting 

Alison's art journey began in Rhode Island where she studied in the field of film photography, later becoming self-taught in the digital format.  As an active landscape & still life photographer, her rustic and vintage inspired images became popular with art collectors across the country.  Her fine art photographs are available through her online print shop which she has operated since 2011.

"I enjoy creating photographs that speak softly to the soul by capturing moments in time, conceived with a nod to the past and sprinkled with a touch of rustic, vintage charm." 

Today, Alison is an skilled encaustic artist.  With the desire to expand on her creative talents, Alison trained with accomplished encaustic artists, learning the ancient technique of painting with molten beeswax.  Her encaustic paintings are created with soft tones and a neutral earthen color palette that mirror her photographic style, and lend a calm and relaxing atmosphere to the viewer.
Through her abstract realism painting style, Alison hints at relatable human traits and emotions with her wild flower pieces along with her drama filled, or peaceful, sky and mountain landscapes.  
Alison's encaustic work lends a touch of rustic, vintage charm with the addition of salvaged 'aged pages' in some of her paintings.

"I was at once enraptured by the beauty and depth of encaustic art.  My process is both exhilarating and challenging. I feel as though a part of my soul expresses itself within each painting."  

Artist Statement

"I find my deepest peace when I am among the whispering pines of the rugged rocky mountains where I live, with crystal clear lakes & rivers, under the vast, expressive Colorado sky.
When I am at work in my studio, my painting process becomes meditative.  I am immersed in a color palette of neutral earth tones and the subtle honey scent of the molten beeswax permeates the space.  It's then that I feel a similar peace that I find in nature.  My hope is to evoke a kindred emotion in those who view my art."