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 'Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."  -Dorothea Lange


I am glad that you are here!  My name is Alison Sherrow.  I am the artist and photographer of AgedPage Photography. 

photographer and artist alison sherrow of agedpage photography

My goal is to stimulate a peaceful emotion through my photographs that will encourage the viewer to feel at home.  Art that says kick your shoes off and stay awhile.

Thank you for visiting.  Pull up a chair and take a look around.  Virtual coffee is on the house!  Please continue reading to learn a little more about me:

Alison Sherrow is a photographer based in the high desert along the Rocky Mountains of southern Colorado.  Inspired by her grandfather's love of taking pictures, she owned her first camera, a Polaroid, at age twelve.

Several years of working in photography labs, along with further studies in the world of interior design, helped hone her eye for color, which is an important aspect of both fields.  Alison's personal decor style of mixing the old with the new, combines well with her photography subjects of rustic barns and farmhouse objects.

agedpage photography artist alison sherrow

"My passion is creating photographs that speak softly to the soul by capturing moments in time, conceived with a nod to the past and a touch of vintage charm." 

The atmosphere of her photography transcends time.  The soft tones, along with the neutral and pale palettes, create a pleasurable experience for the viewer, evoking a bittersweet emotion of nostalgia, and granting a brief escape from the modern world's often harried pace.

Alison's admiration of old novels is also intertwined, in not only the name chosen behind her work, but in an endearing series of photographs which employ the use of aged pages in photographic form.

Forever grateful in following her passion of creating art for a living, Alison finds joy interacting with others through her work.  

"It is my wish that my photographs evoke a sense of nostalgia, and perhaps briefly transport the viewer back to a simpler time."

The AgedPage Photography is an ever growing abundance of refreshing images. Photographs that speak to the soul.

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About photographer alison sherrow of agedpage photography

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