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This month, you'll notice a new look to my blog.  Rather than a written post, this new format will be more of a photo blog with related notes.  My plan is to include studio pictures of current works in progress and any inspiration behind the paintings.  It should make for a quick read with some hopefully interesting behind the scenes happenings.  Enjoy!
To get things rolling, I'm sharing a newly begun painting that is under wraps:
When I'm not working on a piece, I cover paintings with waxed paper to keep air-born dust from settling on the surface.  This is especially important when I'm using oils!
I'll lift the paper and give you a sneak peek!

The beginning layers of a landscape.  Some of the encaustic wax runs off the sides of the panels when it's fused with my torch.  It's a delightful mess!

The colors I'm using in this piece are equally messy!
Oil sticks have a texture similar to lipstick.
And below, I've mixed up a small batch of pigmented encaustic medium in a deep blue.
I'll leave you with some close ups of two landscape paintings that are in the final drying stage...
The above pictures are details of much larger vertical pieces, each measuring 10 x 20".  Theses encaustic mixed media paintings have oils on the surface which can take days to weeks to dry completely.
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